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Rights-based climate policies urged by conference

The International Conference on Climate Change and Human Rights recently concluded in Doha, where participants made a collective call for climate action based on human rights. Additionally, a committee will be established to follow up on the conference’s recommendations and create a five-year implementation plan, according to the Secretary General of the NHRC, Sultan bin Hassan Al Jamali. The conference also advised the Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions to collaborate with regional and international actors, including the League of Arab States, to promote and support the capacity building of stakeholders and members.

Furthermore, the conference emphasized the importance of integrating human rights, particularly the right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment, into the outcomes of climate negotiations at the regional, national, and local levels. The conference also underscored the need for environmental justice, particularly for individuals and groups who are disproportionately affected, by strengthening judicial and legal systems and frameworks. These recommendations demonstrate the conference’s commitment to human rights-based climate action and its aim to promote environmental justice for all.

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