Romantic getaways for this valentine in Qatar

Sunset in the desert, a romantic dinner with the Gulf’s waves lapping at your toes, and sipping a drink on a rooftop with Doha’s skyscrapers in the distance. From the metropolis to the desert, Qatar provides the ideal setting for a holiday with your significant other. There are so many alternatives to pick from to make your stay memorable that it will be difficult to fit them all in, whether you are visiting Qatar for a romantic getaway around Valentine’s Day, a honeymoon, a proposal, or just a vacation.

Make a date at a museum

There are various kinds of partnerships, each with their own tastes and tendencies. You certainly have numerous possibilities if you are not in a pair and want to spend Valentine’s Day in Qatar a little differently. Plan a visit to a museum with your significant other to learn more about the history, art, and culture of the nation. One of the things that will give you a unique experience in Qatar is exploring the museums, and having your significant other there will undoubtedly make it extra special for you.

Ride in a boat or desert safari

Take a dhow trip over Doha Bay at night. A classic wooden boat will allow you to view the city dazzle all around you as the light reflects on the calm, black Gulf sea, giving it an iridescent appearance. You might go on a night safari in the desert and take in the views of a stunning sunset, a drive over sand dunes, and a view of the wide sky studded with stars that is miles from any light pollution. At the Regency Sealine Resort at the foot of the Inland Sea, you can choose to spend the night in a plush tent decorated in an Arabian theme.

Romance by the sea

Take your significant one out to dinner at candlelight. Plan a supper for the moonlit seashore. Purchase some champagne or a nonalcoholic beverage, then spend the evening mingling while slow music plays and you dance barefoot in the sand. In Qatar, there are numerous beautiful beaches that can add to the romance of your romantic evening. Just picture yourself spending Valentine’s Day in Doha sitting by the water with your beloved. Listen to the music of the waves smashing on the coast as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

Dinner for two

Even though it can sound corny, dinner dates are the most popular date ideas when it comes to romantic conversation. For all the romantically inclined individuals, various restaurants are hosting special Valentine’s Day dinners. There are several restaurants in Qatar that can make your evenings memorable. Enjoy the stylish restaurants’ delicious cuisine, which enhances the romance. Visit Il Galante, the Italian restaurant at the Banyan Tree Doha, for some of the best views from a great height. You enjoy breathtaking views of Doha sparkling below you from the 27th floor. Located inside the National Museum of Qatar, the Jiwan Restaurant serves delicious Qatari cuisine in a beautiful environment. You can see Doha’s skyline and the bay from the patio, and the food is exquisite. The Japanese restaurant Nobu, which is positioned at the end of a pier and offers 360-degree views of Doha and the Gulf, is another option.

Shop together

Finding a piece of Qatar to bring home is important, and shopping can be a lovely experience in and of itself. Wander through Doha’s opulent Al Hazm Mall or take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice in Villaggio Mall. Instead, for a taste of Paris, visit Galeries Lafayette, which is close to the Katara Cultural Village and provides for the ideal post-shopping stroll thanks to its galleries, street art, and stunning architecture right by the beach.

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