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The BTS movie hits theaters in Qatar

BTS fans in Qatar are in for a treat as the much anticipated “BTS: Yet to Come” concert film is scheduled to hit theatres tomorrow both locally and internationally.

ARMYs, fans of the well-known group, are anticipated to fill the seats and partake in the pleasure of generating a “purple wave” when the limited edition movie is shown in a few theatres in and around Doha. ‘BTS: Yet to Come’ will be shown in Qatar from February 1 through February 4, 2023, spanning four days. The official website for the movie also noted that tickets were now available for pre-order at a few theatres in Qatar, one of more than 120 nations that will play the movie. Hundreds of people throughout the nation are already clamouring for seats to see the popular movie before it ever hits theatres. Fans are waiting in line for the movie in part because it has previously unreleased performances and songs from the band’s earlier albums, like “Ma City.”

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