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The Qatari economy can endure a recession

The ability of the Qatari economy to endure any anticipated recession in the West, whose effects will extend to other regions of the world, has been reiterated by Scott Taylor, President of the US-Qatari Business Council (USQBC).

Taylor told the Qatar News Agency (QNA) that Qatar is robust enough to endure any potential recession thanks to reasonable oil prices and a thriving economy, which also presents a huge chance to invest in businesses, real estate, or other ventures. When the globe emerges from the impending recession, Qatari investors will be able to invest money and profit through low-cost agreements that would provide them large returns. Concerning USQBC’s role to assist the business sector of the two countries, the USQBC president said, “We help at a very high level where a bespoke organization. So we help navigate, we help businesses navigate both countries, get them connected to very important high-level contacts, and then we help facilitate deals between businesses as well. So again, we’re the premier bilateral trade group between the two countries.”

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