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Things to avoid doing in Qatar

Isn’t it thrilling to contemplate having a one-of-a-kind, remarkable, and unforgettable experience in Qatar?! We hope you have a wonderful vacation in Qatar, and if you are already making preparations, we urge you to familiarise yourself with the local laws and customs. Over the years, Qatar has been a famous tourist destination due to its status as one of the world’s wealthiest countries and the major transit gateway for international passengers. All the things you may want from a vacation are in this country. Qatar is home to some of the world’s greatest hotels and shopping complexes, as well as stunning public spaces and iconic landmarks.

There are some things visitors to Qatar need to know before they arrive. While the country has made great strides in recent decades, Qatar is nonetheless traditionally conservative in many respects. Get comfortable and read on. If you follow these guidelines, you can travel to the country without making any embarrassing gaffes.


Dress Modestly

Both sexes are subject to strict clothing codes that must be adhered to at all times. Although, that doesn’t always imply tourists have to stick to dressing in traditional garbs at all times. Doha’s culture and tradition merely require that you wear a certain way, not in traditional attire. Men are expected to wear pants and shirts with sleeves, while women are expected to cover their shoulders and knees. Therefore, while there are no formal clothing regulations for visitors and natives in Qatar, you are expected to dress modestly while visiting the country


Importing Prohibited Material

Unlike other countries, Qatar strictly enforces its ban on the import of illegal materials. Baggage is scanned automatically upon arrival at Doha Airport and if any contraband is discovered, passengers will be subject to legal repercussions. Its also against the law to bring any illegal substances or alcoholic beverages into the country.


Getting Drunk in Public

In Qatar, drinking alcohol is not illegal. However, drinking to excess might lead to disastrous consequences. Travelers can be detained and even arrested in this strict country if they are found to be intoxicated or otherwise out of control. It’s important to know that becoming intoxicated in public is punishable by law in Qatar and that the government has a strict policy against drug usage and possession. Doha and its surrounding area are home to many restaurants and bars that are legally permitted to serve alcoholic beverages. You can only obtain alcoholic beverages in these establishment only. 



Anyone planning to take photographs in Qatar needs to be culturally aware and respectful of the significance of the country’s traditions. Avoid taking pictures at all costs at places of worship, construction sites, and military installations. Another poor idea would be to photograph locals without their consent when travelling. This is illegal under Qatari law and could result in serious penalties, such as an arrest by the local police


Behavior In Public Settings

Its a well-known truth that public and online behavior in Qatar are subject to strict regulations. No one, whether a visitor or a local, is allowed to make rude gestures or comments to others or use It is impolite to sit in a public area with your legs outstretched so far that the bottoms of your shoes are visible to other people. In the same vein, it is against the custom of the country for visitors or natives to initiate a conversation with someone of the opposing gender if they do not already know them. As a result, visitors to Qatar should bear the aforementioned considerations in mind while they are out and about in public during their time there.


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