Things to know about Farkiah Beach

Planning a family vacation to the beach soon? You should travel to Al Farkiah Family Beach in the north? The journey is worthwhile due to the well-maintained area, beautiful water, several playgrounds, views of the mangroves, minimal services, and the free admittance. The greatest time to visit the beach is before the warmth arrives. The following is what you can expect to see if you decide to visit Al Khor Municipality’s Al Farkiah Family Beach.


Pleasant Ambience

Al Farkeh Beach is a remote beach where it’s simple to get in touch with nature and unwind. Due to the absence of any nearby settlements, this beach will greet you with the utmost tranquilly. This is the ideal location whether you want to spend time with your family or some time alone admiring the serene beauty of nature. Continue reading to learn more about this stunning location in Qatar.


Entrance and Parking

The gated Al Farkiah Family Beach is guarded by security officers. You will be required to display your “Green Ehteraz.” Free admission is offered. Large parking areas are immediately to your left and right as you enter. A warning to “please keep the beaches clean by dropping litter in the containers provided” will also welcome you. Within the guarded area, there are several garbage cans.


Kids play areas

You will initially pass by one of the children’s play areas before getting close to the water. Huge canopies cover certain play areas to shield kids from the sun’s heat, especially in the summer. There are many pieces of colourful playground equipment all throughout the place. The slides come in a variety of sizes and forms that kids will appreciate. Swings, see-saws, climbing routes, and other amenities are available to enjoy.


Mangroves area

You will adore the lovely mangroves surrounding if you explore the region just close to Al Farkiah Family Beach. The public is welcome in this location. These plants and flowers are common in the vicinity of the mangrove region. Avoid damaging the environment and don’t leave your rubbish behind. Have fun exploring!


Clear Water

The clean, shallow water at Al Farkiah Family Beach is ideal for swimming and is suitable for young children to play in. However, please use caution while entering the water and keep an eye on the kids at all times.


Golden Shoreline

Some people enjoy strolling along the golden beach, although it’s best to wear shoes because the sand is uneven and full of tiny stones and seashells. There is a line of many wooden beach umbrellas spanning the whole length of the beachfront. Each umbrella has a bench where guests can rest and relax while talking with loved ones, reading a book, or simply taking in the sights and sounds of the lake. Visitors can get a fantastic view of the Purple Island’s thick mangroves from this location, which is on the far right. The gleaming seats and this wooden umbrella are here to welcome you.


Location to reach it

Al Farkiah Beach is conveniently located around 54 kilometres from Doha and is easily accessible by taxi. At the Al Khor Highway‘s terminus, one must go through the first roundabout and then follow the Farkeh Coast signage. This location is accessible in around 45 minutes. In addition to the numerous helpful directional signs, another fantastic feature is that you can get there without a 4×4 car because the road is smooth all the way to the beach gate.

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