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Various programs, diverse schools at Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation’s Pre University Education (PUE) has developed a learning ecosystem aimed at challenging traditional classroom education, experimenting with new learning models, and preparing students for a rapidly changing future. The schools within PUE aim to provide students with a comprehensive and lifelong learning experience. The PUE network comprises mainstream and specialized schools, as well as institutes that continuously review and improve education standards and policies. Over 7,500 students from different nationalities currently attend PUE schools.

QF has recently embraced the concept of “multiversity,” which emphasizes the use and integration of surrounding entities in Education City, including the National Library, Education City Stadium, branch campuses of US universities, and the Al Shaqab equestrian arena. This approach promotes an interdisciplinary and collaborative learning environment that helps students gain a broader perspective and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

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