When and how Qatar got independence

Qatar tends to be a small country that is dominated by the Persian Gulf’s biggest ruling family, i.e. the Al Thani. The country occupies a barren peninsula and experiences extreme heat. It was able to transform between the mid-1960s and mid 1980s from being a poor British protectorate. It was able to become an independent state having modern infrastructure, services as well as industries. The capital is Doha Qatar

When Qatar got independence

It was on September 3, 1971 that Qatar was able to get independence. It had previously been a protectorate and was under Great Britain. It was able to gain independence following the termination date of treaties that it had with Great Britain. When you start to Qatar discover, you will see that it has an interesting history. 

How did Qatar come under British rule?

In 1867 the British started to be interested in Qatar. This was when a dispute present between the Bahraini Khalifah, that has some claim to Al-Zubarah, as well as the Qatari residents become a major confrontation. During the course of this Doha virtually got destroyed. Britain had previously seen Qatar like a Bahraini dependency. After this it signed a treaty with Mohammed ibn Thani which was in 1868. This set the course for Qatar’s future independence and also for the rule of Thani dynasty. 

How Qatar got independence


In 1968 the British announced plans that it will withdraw from the Gulf. There were negotiations that occurred with neighboring sheikhdoms and then Qatar declared independence on 3rd September 1971. After this, the earlier agreements present with Britain got replaced with the treaty of friendship. In the same month Qatar was able to become a part of the Arab League as well as the United Nations. 

Qatar joined its five Arab Gulf neighbors to create the Gulf Cooperation Council in 1981. This was an alliance made to promote economic cooperation as well as enhance internal security plus external defense against threats presented by the Islamic revolution with Iran as well as the Iran-Iraq War. Doha Qatar was therefore able to establish itself in the global scene after getting independence. 

A brief history of Qatar

Human habitation in Doha can be seen as far back as 50,000 years. This was when small groups of Stone Age inhabitants started to build coastal encampments, settlements, as well as sites for working flint. Pottery was also found here. The area had a harsh climate, lack of resources, as well as frequent occurrences of conflict. This was before oil got discovered here. 

Discovery of oil in Qatar

Qatar discover oil in 1939. Its exploitation stopped between 1942 and 1947 due to World War II as well as its aftermath. Oil exports and payments for the offshore rights started in 1949. This was able to mark a turning point in the country. The oil reserves transformed the economy and even society. They even raised domestic disputes and impacted foreign relations. 

Today Qatar is a country where tourists like to travel to. There are majestic buildings and malls here. The country has a major airline, Qatar airlines that has a reputation across the globe.

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