When Qatar was founded, and 5 other facts about the history of Qatar

Doha Qatar can be said to be a fascinating country. There is something new to learn about it. The country did not start off as a successful country. In fact it faced many issues being located where the temperatures are really high and where there were not many resources present. However, when it discovered oil, the country was able to become a top tourist destination. 

When was Qatar founded and how?

Doha can be said to be founded on September 3, 1971. This was when they were able to get independence from the British. The agreements that the country had with Britain got replaced with a treaty of friendship. After this Qatar was able to establish itself by gaining other Arab states like the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC. 


When British came into Qatar?

Qatar was controlled by the sheikhs of Bahrain previously. In 1867 war started between the people as well as their absentee rulers. The British stepped in to keep peace within the Persian Gulf. They installed Muhammad ibn Thani al-Thani as the region’s ruler. He was the head of a top Qatari family. 

In 1893 there were incursions into Qatar that the Ottoman Turks made. The emir was able to successfully deflect these. It was in 1916 that the emir let Doha Qatar become a British protectorate. 


When oil was discovered in Qatar

Qatar offers the world many extravagances now. This was due to the discovery of oil that occurred in the 1940s. It brought wealth into the country. This was in the 1950s as well as 1960s. Nearly 85% of the country’s income coming from its exports is from oil. Now its people can be seen to have one of the top per capita incomes across the globe. 


First constitution in Qatar

It was on June 9, 2005 that Doha was able to introduce its first constitution. This guarantees freedom of expression, assembly, along with religion. It calls for a 45-seat parliament as well. Thirty seats of this will get filled within democratic elections. It is the emir who will then appoint the remaining seats.


Ruling family has held power since 1868

Across the world, ruling families tend to change, however in Qatar, the ruling family has remained the same from 1868. This was when Muhammed Bin Thani was able to sign a treaty with Britain. It is the House of Thani that is the strongest family present in Qatar. 

They have much political as well as economic influence. If you are excited about what Qatar offers and you visit the country, you will see that the locals are loyal to the ruling family. They also have a prosperous life with them ruling. 

Qatar is a small country yet is very rich at the same time. When looking at its history, it was not very rich. They were lucky to discover oil which has allowed them to come into the eyes of many people. The country even has a prosperous airline which flies to all the continents across the globe. Qatar Airlines is a top airline. 

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