Where Qatar is located and who are its neighbors

Qatar is a country that is gaining popularity across the globe. One reason for this may be due to the many flights to Qatar that occur due to it operating a major airline that has destinations across the globe, i.e. Qatar Airlines. The country was first poor but became rich when oil was discovered here. Now it has been able to advance and become a majestic country. 

Location of Qatar

Doha Qatar is a peninsula that is in the east of Arabia. It borders the Persian Gulf as well as Saudi Arabia. It is located in a strategic place close to major petroleum deposits. 

The peninsula of the country is low-lying. The climate is arid and mild whilst winters are pleasant. The summer is really hot and humid. The terrain includes mostly flat as well as barren desert that is covered with loose sand plus gravel. 

Latitude and longitude of country

The country can be found in the Asia continent. The latitude as well as longitude of Doha Qatar are 25.300°N, 51.5333°E. The capital city and the largest one is Doha. The official language of the country is Arabic. 

Countries neighboring Qatar

The countries that have international borders with Doha include Saudi Arabia; it has maritime borders with Iran, Bahrain, as well as the United Arab Emirates. The country is a sheikhdom which occupies a promontory of the Arabian Peninsula. 

Length of the country

Even though there are many flights to Qatar and the country is a successful one, it is nevertheless rather small. The Qatar peninsula tends to be about 188 km long and 85 km wide. The country covers an area of around 11,570 km squared. It can be said to be about one quarter of the size of Estonia. It is a bit smaller than Connecticut. 

The country has a small number of islands, reefs, as well as shoals within the coastal waters of the peninsula. 

Land boundaries

Qatar has one land border. This is with Saudi Arabia to the south. This boundary got settled in 1965 however was never demarcated. The northwest coats of the country is less than 30 km particularly from the main islands of Bahrain. The peninsula’s northernmost point tends to be Ras Rakan. 

Halul is said to be the most important island that Qatar has. It lies around 90 km east of Doha and behaves like a storage area as well as loading terminal for oil that comes from the surrounding offshore fields. 

It has an exclusive economic zone that is 31,590 km squared. This was determined by bilateral agreements.

Qatar is a country that has an important location as there is much oil over here. This is why it has been able to become known across the globe. If you decide to visit it, you will be impressed with its magnificent airport and also infrastructure. Those who have not visited the country, may know about it due to its popular airline, i.e. Qatar Airlines which has an amazing fleet.

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