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World’s fastest caricaturist enthralls workshop participants

Franz Del Castillo, an artist from Ecuador, began learning how to write and sketch at the age of 4. He did this after witnessing his father use a home key to scribble phone digits on a wall. He instantly imitated his father because he was a curious small child and discovered that he can make different strokes and create amusing forms and was actually quick at it.

But the holder of the Guinness World Record was also quick to point out that there is no ideal age or timing to discover your talent or acquire a skill. This was especially true given that on December 27, 2022, at the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Museum, 30 enthusiastic and inquisitive individuals, aged 6 to 59, attended his free caricature-making session (FBQ Museum). “The intention of this workshop is to wake up people’s curiosity to begin to draw. Because some of the people who are in the workshop aren’t even artists — some are engineers, pilots, and nurses, but these people know that deep inside, they are artists. They are artists who pursued different careers,” Del Castillo said on the sideline of the event.

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