Interesting facts about Banana Island

Banana Island Qatar provides the most tranquil getaway and the nicest lodging for an opulent private vacation. The island, which is not far from Doha, resembles a crescent-shaped attraction and covers a 12-hector area. The island is home to the aquatic wonders of the Gulf and has a variety of marine life and reefs. Later, the island was converted into a private resort with all the luxuries and recreation you could want for a vacation in Qatar. The Banana Island is renowned now for its great customer service and its landscape covered in palm trees.


Design and area

As the Banana Island resort in Qatar, Anantara has one of its best properties with its golden sand and crescent beach. The resort offers a peaceful setting to spend the holidays because it is constructed with an Arabic flair and an imperial touch of grandeur.

From Dhow Harbour, you can travel by catamaran or private yacht to the resort and get away from the bustle of the city. All travellers, both Qataris and visitors from outside Qatar, can find lodging at the Banana Island resort in Doha. Every guest must be in possession of all required legal documentation in order to enter and stay on this exclusive Qatari island. The Banana Island resort, which spans a sizable portion of the island, has compiled the best experiences with deluxe amenities and a huge selection of accommodations.


Services offered at the resort

With a stay at Banana Island, which provides a variety of services and facilities, you may enjoy the ultimate luxury in Qatar. The resort, one of the priciest accommodations for travellers from across the world, has compiled a list of the most pleasant experiences for each visitor, including some of the greatest Banana Island activities in Qatar. The resort overlooks the quiet, placid water of the beach lying along the golden dunes, with thatched roofs and roomy contemporary accommodations


Wide range of accommodations

Choose from a wide selection of Banana Island Qatar accommodations to find the most accommodating suites and villas. These lodgings provide stunning views of the beach, the Gulf, or the lagoon pool. Your living standards can be complemented with sea-view rooms, pool-facing villas, overwater villas, and suites. The furniture and accessories provide a posh touch to the interiors, which are defined by a distinctive Arabian style of art. One may experience the surreal beauty of nature on this captivating Island in Qatar as the suites and rooms here open up to the calmest skyline of Doha and the sparkling golden beach.


Meeting rooms for corporate activities

The Banana Island resort features accommodations for every requirement, whether you are travelling as a family, on a honeymoon, or for business. While conducting some brainstorming, enjoy the gorgeous view from the majlis-style conference space here. This location’s magnificent decor and calming colours offer a relaxing atmosphere in which to complete all of your work-related tasks. The three meeting spaces in this location offer free WiFi, contemporary decor, a delightful touch of art, and complete solitude. Banquet facilities are also available at the resort for sizable events.


Health and wellness facilities

The premium resort in Doha focuses on your health and wellness and offers a restorative and enjoyable experience for everyone. The goal of this Anantara spa and wellness facility is to provide guests with the best healing therapies while also providing the maximum amount of leisure and relaxation. One of the greatest and only spas on the island where you can enjoy the hospitality and service of the Middle East, particularly when it comes to wellness and spa, is this one. Here one can embrace the soul and mind. A wide variety of holistic treatment techniques are used. It is the best leisure destination in the nation because to a flawless mix of Thai healing and Arabian rituals.

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