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5 restaurants to enjoy Chicken Biryani in Qatar

People in Qatar have a strong appreciation for culinary delights. Food in this country is among the finest in the entire Middle East. Qatar has a wide variety of cuisines to choose from, including the rich seafood of the Sea and the spicy Indian dishes of the Gulf. The rice dish known as biryani has its roots in India. Chicken, lamb, beef, fish, and vegetables are the most common ingredients in biryani, though there are many variations. While some eateries focus on just one type of biryani, others offer several. It is typically paired with meat or vegetables, raita and sauces round out the meal. Where, though, can you find the best biryani in all of Qatar? No need to look up “Biryani near me” on Google. Whatever you need, we can provide it for you. The best places in Qatar to get biryani are detailed below.

Dalchini Restaurant & Bar

The Indian dishes at Dalchini Restaurant & Bar have been updated to reflect modern tastes without losing their authentic flavour. The restaurant’s menu is as diverse as the chef who dreamed it up, Michelin-starred Alfred Prasad. The cuisines served here are a fascinating medley of regional specialties from all over India. The restaurant is known for its four different types of biryanis (chicken, lamb, prawn, and vegetable). Guests love the chicken biryani the most. The restaurant has a high-class atmosphere and hosts regular events such as live music shows.

The Village

The Grill, one of the Village’s three dining options, serves up delicious Iranian and Indian fare. Flavorful, one-of-a-kind dishes like fatayer and bamyh are just two examples of what you can create when you combine different cuisines. There are a variety of biryanis to choose from, including house specialties like lobster biryani and more standard options like pardah gosht biryani and chicken/prawn biryani. Despite being on the pricier side, the quality and variety of the menu here more than justify the price. The restaurant has a sophisticated vibe thanks to its impressive decor, which reflects the restaurant’s individuality.

Deccan Deewan Restaurant

Deccan Deewan Restaurant is known for their authentic Hyderabadi dum biryani. In particular, the mutton biryani has a reputation for being delicious. Vegetable, fish, egg, and prawn biryanis are also on the menu. The restaurant provides economical jumbo and family packs for parties of four or more. Andhra chicken and Murgh Methi are just two of the many regional specialties that can be found on the menu in addition to the ubiquitous biryani. The restaurant has a minimalistic design.

Biryani Express Al Rayyan

It’s all about the biryanis at this Pakistani eatery. The restaurant boasts a menu of six different kinds of biryanis, including the standard vegetable one as well as chicken, mutton, and seafood options, all prepared in either the traditional or gourmet style. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is the mutton biryani. The menu at Biryani Express Al Rayyan also features a number of complementary dishes and sweet deserts.

Desi Dhaba Restaurant

Desi Dhaba Restaurant, styled after the popular roadside eateries in India, serves up delicious vegetarian and nonvegetarian dishes. Among the many options available to you are multiple varieties of biryani. You can get the standard dum biryani or the more exotic achaari chicken biryani. You will have a great time at this restaurant thanks to its charmingly eccentric and vibrant decor.

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