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5 interesting facts about Arabian Nights Lusail

Qatar is opening many entertainment facilities for people to enjoy whilst the World Cup matches are going on in the country. They are aiming to show the country as one that gives good-quality stuff and services. The government wants visitors to have a good time here. An entertainment option that they are opening for World Cup visitors to check out is the Arabian Nights at Lusail Qatar.

1. Location of Arabian Nights Lusail

The Arabian Nights will be located at Doha Lusail and is situated next to the Crescent Tower. The place provides visitors with a glimpse into the exciting Qatari traditional culture. People will get to immerse in the culture of the country and enjoy this.

2. Atmosphere created

At Qatar Lusail city, you can enjoy the venue of the Arabian nights. The venue aims to recreate a desert-like atmosphere that will have Arabic seating as well as carpeted floors. It will be possible for football fans to book tents at the venue. This will depend on the amount of people going from small to large. People can book their tents here.

The venue has opened recently having a soft launch which will see the gates open from around 6 pm till midnight. From November 17, 2022, when the grand opening occurs, the timings will alter from 12 pm to 2 am. The fan zone will charge you an entry fee that will be of QR20 per individual.

3. Stalls present

The stalls present at the Arabian Nights aim to sell souvenirs as well as Arabic sweets. This will apart from the delicious Arabic food along with beverages. It has been said that the venue will even provide different games along with entertainment options to the visitors. The visitors can get to know about the unique Arabic delicacies when they visit these stalls at Lusail Qatar.

4. What to know about Lusail

Qatar Lusail city is the second largest city that is in Qatar. It is found on the coast and in the southern part of Al Daayen. It is located around 23 kilometers north of Doha. The government plans to advance the area by including marinas, residential places, island resorts, commercial districts, amazing shopping, luxury facilities, a gold course community, and more.

The construction here is still ongoing. One of the venues present for Qatar 2022 World Cup will be the Lusail Iconic Stadium. This will make the area become more popular and be known across the globe as well. People can take part in the Arabian Nights at Lusail as well whilst enjoying the games.

Qatar regards it as a privilege to be hosting the FIFA World Cup. They are advancing the country in every way so that visitors can enjoy themselves and that in comfort and peace. The country aims to show the world that it is a top destination which people should want to visit. One of the projects, i.e. Arabian Nights will also help do this by letting tourists know about the culture of the country.

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