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Coursera plans to collaborate with Qatar Foundation universities

The Qatar Foundation (QF) and Coursera, a US-based massive open online course provider, are “in conversation” about using the platform to help students enhance their abilities and connect with rewarding entry-level jobs.

Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda stated in an interview with The Peninsula that they are explicitly in talks with the eight colleges covered by QF to “bring universities and industry together virtually — that’s what we’re discussing, but we haven’t made any announcement yet about any relationship.”

“The vision is to connect the students to the jobs, that is what’s going to be exciting about integrating the Coursera platform into universities. It is not only developing skills but linking students to good entry level jobs for employers in the area.”

The CEO also lauded Qatar’s investment in education. “Qatar Foundation has invested a tremendous amount in bringing young children’s education and some of the most innovative higher education to this region.”

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