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France’s goalpost amplifies poetry at The Pearl

One of the art projects seen across Doha is called The France Goalpost, which expertly portrays the sailing dhow boats against a background of The Pearl waters. What makes it even more remarkable is that it mumbles poetry in Arabic and French.

This is a portion of the “Posts of Qatar” that Qatar Tourism revealed in November and are situated at 10 of the nation‘s most recognisable locations. The “Sails, Moving Forward” France goalpost by Guillaume Rouseré and Maryam Faraj Al Suwaidi at The Pearl-Qatar is one of the eye-catching installations. The goalpost has a picture of a shimmering metallic dhow sail.

The sails themselves reflect and magnify the poetry that can be heard if you go closer, which is muttered in both Arabic and French. Rouseré, a French sound artist said that their artwork is “inspired by multiculturalism and provides an experience to help understand more about the different interpretations of shifting sounds and visuals. It really is an intriguing experience!.”

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