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ICAO Council awarded membership to Qatar

In a historic moment at the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly in Montreal, Canada, delegates from 193 countries witnessed Qatar secure its first-ever position on the ICAO Council. Elected for the term of 2023-2025, Qatar joins Group C, marking a significant milestone in its aviation journey.

With an overwhelming majority, Qatar clinched victory with 160 votes, positioning itself prominently within Group C. This landslide win underscores Qatar’s remarkable contributions and dedication to the civil aviation sector. The achievement reflects not only Qatar’s commitment but also its growing influence in global aviation affairs.

Following the announcement, H.E. Jassim Saif Ahmed Al Sulaiti, Qatar’s Minister of Transport, emphasized the election’s significance. He highlighted that Qatar’s presence on the ICAO Council is a testament to its escalating status on the world stage, attributing it to the visionary leadership of His Highness the Amir of the State of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Al Sulaiti expressed pride in Qatar’s capabilities and noted the trust bestowed upon Qatar by ICAO Member States to contribute effectively to addressing crucial aviation challenges ahead.

Qatar’s journey to the ICAO Council signifies more than just a seat at the table; it symbolizes the nation’s commitment to advancing global aviation standards, safety, and cooperation. Over the years, Qatar has made significant strides in developing its aviation infrastructure, fostering innovation, and promoting sustainable practices in the industry.

With its election to the ICAO Council, Qatar pledges to play an active role in shaping the future of civil aviation. As a member of Group C, Qatar aims to bring forward its perspectives, expertise, and initiatives to address the pressing issues confronting the aviation sector globally.

Qatar’s ascent to the ICAO Council opens doors for greater collaboration and exchange of ideas among nations. It signals Qatar’s readiness to engage constructively with the international community to enhance air transport’s efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

Moreover, Qatar’s election serves as an inspiration for nations aspiring to excel in the aviation domain. It demonstrates that dedication, investment, and strategic vision can propel a nation to influential positions within international aviation bodies.

Looking ahead, Qatar is poised to leverage its position to advocate for policies that promote fair and equitable air connectivity, facilitate innovation, and mitigate challenges such as climate change’s impact on aviation.

In conclusion, Qatar’s election to the ICAO Council marks a significant milestone, showcasing its growing influence and commitment to shaping the future of global aviation. With a seat at the Council, Qatar is ready to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of aviation standards and practices for the benefit of the international community.

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