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Qatar Tourism trains and licenses tour guides

Qatar Tourism (QT) is actively promoting local involvement in the tourism sector, anticipating a surge in visitors this year and aiming to achieve its target of attracting 6 million annual tourists by 2030. To support this initiative, QT is offering comprehensive training and official licenses for individuals interested in becoming tourism guides in Qatar.

The number of licensed tourism guides has more than doubled since last October, reflecting the success of ongoing training programs. Prospective guides must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid Qatar ID to qualify for the program. Fluency in multiple languages is an advantage, as training sessions are conducted in both English and Arabic. QT has waived all fees associated with training, licensing, and exams for the current year to encourage broader participation in the initiative.

Graduates of the training program will be well-prepared to assist tourists, offering insights ranging from cultural landmarks and culinary delights to essential services for business travelers and must-see luxury and leisure activities. QT’s initiatives, including the training and licensing of tourism guides, are part of a broader effort to enhance the quality of tourism services and regulate the industry effectively.

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