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5 Key Points about Khalifa International Stadium

The Khalifa International Stadium officially reopened in 2017. This was after some major redevelopment. However it originally opened in 1976. It can therefore be said to be the oldest stadium found in Qatar. It is also known because it is the first FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament venue. Apart from this the stadium has even held main tournaments like the Asian Games in 2006, the Arabian Gulf Cup that occurred in 1976, 1992, 2004 as well as 2019, and the AFC Cup held in 2007. 

The following tells you 5 points about the stadium:

1. Location

The Khalifa Stadium location is 7C7X+C67, Al Waab St, Doha, Qatar. It is found in Aspire Zone, close to Villaggio Mall. You can get to the stadium by car and taxi. Those who want to come from Hamad International Airport, it will take 20 minutes to reach the stadium. The closest metro station tends to be Sport City, on the Gold Line. 

Therefore the Khalifa Stadium location is one that is easy to reach. It is found in the capital, Doha and is surrounded by many other sport-connected amenities. It is a part of Doha city sports complex. 

2. Seating

The Khalifa Stadium seating capacity is around 40,000 people. But, as of 2005, the stadium had 20,000 seats. An extra 12,000 seats were to be added for the World Cup. This will increase the capacity to more than 50,000. Therefore the Khalifa Stadium seating capacity is great. 

3. Top features of the stadium

A main feature of the stadium is its roof that covers more than 70 per cent of this stadium. The roof tends to be designed with EFTE as well as PTFE materials. It is not retractable like other stadiums, but it can still give sufficient shade for the fans. 

The stadium has two roof arches. These are found upon the east as well as west side of this stadium, that is more than 120 meter high. It is even fitted with cooling unites which span the stadium. 

The cooling system is able to drop the temperature down to 24 degrees when matches are occurring. There is also an installation of LED pitch lights along with a digital floodlight. These give an amazing experience when there are evening events. This is why some major Khalifa International Stadium events have been held here. 

4. Events held

When looking at the Khalifa International Stadium events, many have been held here. It will hold some matches of the FIFA World Cup which is a major event. It was employed for the 2006 Asian Games exciting opening ceremony. 

Some other major events include:

  • The 1992 11th Gulf Cup
  • The Asian Games in 2006
  • The Pan Arab Games in 2011
  • The Asian Cup Football Final in 2011
  • The FIFA Club World Cup in 2019

5. Places close to the stadium

When visiting the Khalifa International Stadium, you may want to know about the places close to it so that you can visit them as well. The Aspire Park is close to the stadium as well as the popular Villaggio Shopping Mall. The Torch Dubai is another attraction close by. 

The Khalifa Stadium is a popular one that has been awarded the four-star rating from the prestigious Global Sustainability Assessment System or GSAS. From the above you can see that it is a place to visit when in Qatar. 

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