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MRI anxiety reduced by entertainment tech at HMC

The Clinical Imaging Service of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has used entertainment technologies to help patients having MRI exams overcome their anxiety and fear of the MRI device’s close quarters or the length of the examination.

The new technology will make it easier to undertake MRI operations and decrease the number of patients who elect to have MRI tests done under anaesthesia. Mashael Al Ajeel, Assistant Executive Director of Clinical Imaging Services at HMC, claimed that this technology is the most recent in the area and offers a creative way to incorporate entertainment into medical treatments. Al Ajeel claimed that the most recent technology allows patients to watch their preferred show or listen to music while having an examination by using a screen built inside the MRI equipment. “Using the latest technological solutions and providing them to our patients has always been a priority for us as we continuously strive to improve their experience during MRI by introducing entertainment during the procedure. This technology is the latest of its kind in the region,” added Al Ajeel.

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