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Qatar is home to 179 nursery schools

The country now has 179 nursery schools operational, demonstrating the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s efforts to establish nurseries everywhere and accommodate an increasing number of pupils have been successful.

The Ministry posted a list of the nurseries along with specific location details on its website, allowing parents to enrol their children at the facility that is closest to them. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education issued the list as part of an effort to stop unlawful nurseries for children’s safety. According to the list, Doha Municipality has 62 nursery schools, followed by Al Rayyan Municipality with 58. There are 16 nurseries in the Al Wakrah Municipality. The remainder are dispersed across other municipalities. The quantity varies according to local population and requirement. In order for parents to contact the nurseries quickly, the list provides names of nurseries in Arabic and English along with a full address that includes the municipality, region, street, zone, building, and building number. The Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Private Education oversees and controls the nurseries functioning in the nation.

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