The best Doha beaches

Doha, the capital of Qatar and one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit, contains anything you could possible need. This region of Qatar is home to numerous stunning sights that are a treat for any traveller, making it maybe the wealthiest city in the entire globe. Doha has the potential to rank among the top tourism destinations in the world because to its stunning beaches, parks, and historical wonders that evoke the glory days of Qatar. In Doha, talking about beaches, participating in water sports, and spending time on the warm sand are now commonplace. In reality, the Doha beaches in Qatar are some of the best in the world and draw a ton of tourists all year long. Here are our recommendations for the best beaches in and around Doha in case you are curious about where to find the best sand and surf.


Katara Beach

The Katara beach, one of Qatar’s finest beaches, is part of the renowned Katara Village, which draws thousands of tourists each year. It is situated directly in the centre of Doha. Travelers can engage in a variety of entertaining activities on this beach. The Katara beach provides activities like parasailing, water skiing, speed boat rides, and much more and is best for families seeking for some watersports fun. The beach is also well-known for the neighbouring activities, which include art galleries, theatres, and numerous eateries that provide the greatest cuisine around.

Four Seasons Beach

The Four Seasons Beach, another exclusive beach that is a component of the Four Seasons Hotel, is significantly more opulent than other private beaches that you would typically find in Doha. Although the hotel offers its visitors five swimming pools, its private beach adds to its appeal because it is a genuine treat for those staying there. When customers enjoy the beach, the hotel staff looks after them in every manner. This beach is intriguing since it is accessible to people who are not hotel guests as well as those staying at the Four Seasons. They only need to buy a day pass, then they can spend their time on the beach.

Umm Bab Beach

If a traveller is considering Qatar’s beaches, they must include Umm Bab Beach on their list. The Umm Bab beach, often known among locals as Palm Tree Beach, is one of Doha’s busiest beaches right now. Due to the number of palm trees that border the shore, the beach gives tourists a distinct yet amazing Caribbean impression. To ensure that families can come here and enjoy themselves to the utmost, there is even a children’s play area constructed up on the beach itself. Additionally, if you want to buy something to eat while you’re at Umm Bab, there is a shop set up nearby where guests can do so. Therefore, Umm Bab Beach is the ideal location if you are considering camping on the beach with your family and friends.

Sealine Beach

The Sealine Beach, a private beach located at the southern tip of the Qatari peninsula, is unlike anything you have ever seen. The beach offers various top-of-the-line amenities like a restaurant, swimming pool, lounge, and much more, all of which are open to resort visitors free of charge. Visitors staying at the resort can even rent a buggy and drive around the desert, which is particularly recognised for its relaxing experience. You can even take a stroll through the sand dunes and take in the scenery as the dunes meet the sea if you prefer to walk to riding a buggy.

Inland Sea Beach

The Al Khor Adaid, commonly known as the Inland Sea, is the beach destination you must see on your trip to Qatar. There are numerous off-beat areas to explore in Qatar that still many tourists are unaware of. The only way to get to the UNESCO-listed Inland Sea is to go through the desert in a 4X4 vehicle. According to locals and anyone who has been there, the best time to go is when the tide is at its highest.

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