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The Ministry improves learning gamification methodology

With the commencement of the second semester, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education introduced fresh updates to the learning gamification approach in an effort to improve the features offered by it and maximise the advantages it accrues to students and their academic accomplishment.

At the start of the current academic year 2022–2023, the Ministry launched a learning gamification strategy on the Qatar Education platform through the “Subject Stars” game. This strategy had a measurable positive impact on students’ interaction with educational resources, assessments given to them in subject classes, and completion of required tasks. As the system provides a leaderboard for each study subject that appears, the learning gamification strategy motivates and encourages students to learn by rewarding them with points, badges, and certificates for completing tasks like watching the video lesson, finishing the assessment, watching the presentation, and other tasks.

By accumulating the points that have been allotted to them by the subject instructor depending on their completion, students compete. In order to inspire students, schools also hand out personalised badges and awards.

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