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If you are a Doha resident, you probably already know that Msheireb Downtown Doha is the place to be right now because there are so many events, fantastic shopping opportunities, and delicious restaurants there. If you are a newcomer to the area, we are here to assure you that the aforementioned is 100% accurate. The region, which is the first sustainable urban revitalization project in the world, maybe the warmest neighborhood in Doha, but we think its the coolest because of the center square’s cutting-edge cooling system. This is the reason we decided it was time to share with you five things about Msheireb Downtown Doha that you can enjoy.


The town square in Barahat Msheireb

The coolest neighborhood in the city is Msheireb Downtown Doha, both figuratively and literally. Barahat Msheireb’s town square is a pleasant place to wander even in the heat of the summer thanks to a retractable roof that blocks the sun and a cutting-edge cooling system. There are many activities to do in Msheireb Downtown Doha, including visiting the cafés and restaurants that surround the plaza and attending the light displays that are projected at night onto the neighboring buildings to commemorate major occasions.


The Msheireb Museums

Even though Msheireb, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, has seen a transformation recently, you can visit the Msheireb Museums to learn more about its past. Each of the buildings, which is divided into four historic homes, is devoted to a distinct period in history. Bin Jelmood House is devoted to the history of slavery, Company House investigates the history of oil, Mohammed Bin Jassim House covers the history of the neighborhood, from the first bank to the first cafés, and Radwani House examines family life in Doha over the years. This is unquestionably among the best things to do in Msheireb Downtown Doha, so put it at the top of your list.


Public artwork at the Msheireb metro station

The largest metro station in the city, Msheireb, has a stunning design that justifies its own classification as a work of art. But this location also houses one of our favorite works of public art, which was added back in 2020 as a part of the Jedariart program of the Qatar Museum. The artwork was created by Abdulaziz Yousef and is in his distinctive style.


Msheireb Mosque’s splendour

The Msheireb Mosque, which was created by John McAslan and Partners, is a stunning example of simplicity’s beauty. The structure has an 80-foot minaret and an intricately carved bronze door and is constructed of the same white limestone as the rest of the neighborhood. Please treat believers with respect as this mosque is a working place of worship.



M7 is the creative hub for the design, fashion, and technology industries in Msheireb Downtown Doha. It first launched in late 2021. Profiles by Roastado coffee shop, a concept store (more on that in a moment), a co-working space, and an exhibition space are all located there. You may anticipate further exhibits at M7 in the near future. M7 launched with a splash, showcasing Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams as its first exhibition. Throughout the year, the hub also serves as a venue for a number of seminars.


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