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Agritech sector offers growth opportunities

The agriculture industry in Qatar has potential to flourish because of government assistance and technological advancements because it is so important to a nation’s economic development.

The top three reasons to invest in Qatar’s agritech industry are the country’s fast mobile internet, top-notch technological infrastructure, and ongoing government initiatives to expand the industry with 70 percent self-sufficiency anticipated by 2023 under the Qatar National Food Security Program. According to a recent tweet from the Investment Promotion Agency of Qatar (IPA Qatar), Qatar is also ranked in the top 30 countries worldwide for logistics performance. The development of agritech in the area depends on Qatar’s top-tier technology industry. The nation, which placed top in the GCC Global Food Security Index (GFSI) 2021, is a viable option for the transformation of its agritech business in the Mena area due to its strategic position and tech infrastructure. Qatar will host the first International Horticultural Expo 2023 in Mena, which aims to bring together thought leaders and innovators to drive new and sustainable ways of greening the desert.

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