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Katara unveils new painting for World Cup

The “Towards the Goal” painting by Syrian artist Muntaha Jamil Sallat was unveiled on Thursday at Cultural Village Foundation, Katara. The inauguration, which took place in Building 47, was presided over by Katara General Manager Prof. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, Dr. Bilal Turkiyeh, Chargé d’Affaires of the Syrian Embassy in Qatar, and a number of other diplomats. Due to what Katara offers, it has evolved into something akin to a cultural beehive, and Dr. Turkiyeh complimented Katara for its important part in that development.

The mural’s creator, Sallat, expressed her happiness upon its debut. I have the tremendous honour of leaving my mark in the form of fingerprints and coloured paint on one of the structures at Katara Cultural Village. With emotive motifs, the 2 m by 3.5 m “Towards the Goal” mural is painted on a wall. The World Cup ball has been painted in certain colours to signify that Doha has welcomed it with compassion and goodwill, while the horse’s neighing symbolises a life full of vitality, beauty, and culture. The painting also includes the Qatari flag, a grand and honourable symbol.

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