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Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve showcases Qatar’s biodiversity

An official has reported that the Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve has drawn a sizable number of World Cup visitors to Qatar. Salem Al Safran, Assistant Director of the Natural Reserves Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, said, “Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve enabled fans a close view of animals, especially those of rare species like Arabian Oryx and gazelles,”

Speaking to Qatar TV recently, he explained that the 1,833 square kilometre nature reserve, which is 80 kilometres southeast of Doha, intends to boost ecotourism and educate visitors about the country’s efforts to safeguard endangered species of wildlife in order to ensure biodiversity in the nation. According to Al Safran, “It was decided to postpone winter camping in the southern regions (Sealine and Khor Al Adaid) until December 20, 2022, and extend the camping period in these areas until May 20, 2023, as a commitment from the Ministry to provide the best quality of services to campers and ensure that they are not affected by this postponement,”

According to him, the Ministry also built a platform that is four metres high along the western boundary of the Khor Al Adaid Natural Reserve to allow tourists to observe and photograph the creatures up close.

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