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Arabs united over Palestinian cause as per AOI

According to the Arab Opinion Index (AOI), which was coordinated by Dr. Mohammad Al Masri, Executive Director of the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Arabs feel as though they are a single country despite their diversity.

According to the findings of the AOI study, 80% of the Arab population believes that the region’s peoples form one nation, as opposed to 17% who think they represent several nations and peoples with tenuous relationships to one another. “I think one of the most important things in this survey that we can talk about is a belief among the people of the Arab world that they belong to one nation, even if there are some distinctions between one country and another,” Dr. Al Masri said. 84% of respondents, according to the research, concur that Israel’s policies put the security and stability of the Arab area at risk. Additionally, 78% of the populace feels that US policies put regional security and stability at risk. According to the study, 84% of respondents oppose their nations’ recognition of Israel, as opposed to 8% who said that they do. However, just 50 percent of respondents felt that their nations’ recognition of Israel was contingent on the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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