Interesting facts about Al Wakra Beach

Al Wakrah is a fishing and pearling village that has evolved into a bustling little town 10 kilometres south of Doha, with the beach around 15 kilometres southeast of the town centre. The Al Wakrah Family Beach has a playground for children, covered lounging areas, a restroom/shower, and plenty of parking. You’ll have to go a long way to get to the sea, especially during low tide. Let’s have a look at what the beach has in store for you.

Regardless, the walk to the beach is pleasurable. Indeed, you may find that it takes longer than expected due to the vast pools of seawater in between the sand bars, which proved to be an attractive diversion for our kids! Kids will enjoy spotting a crab or two running across the sand, swimming among shoals of little fish, and discovering seaweed and a variety of shells to put in their bucket.


Main characteristics of beach

Al Wakrah Beach is a lengthy stretch of white sand located near the coastal town of Al Wakrah. The beach has recently been improved and currently has great facilities, making it a popular vacation destination for Qataris. If you enjoy beach activities and people watching, go to Al Wakrah Beach. Because of the shallow water in this area of the ocean, this is not a good beach for swimming. Al Wakrah Beach is really three independent lengths of beach, all of which have been repaired and maintained by local officials. The family beach, located farthest south, has three shaded playgrounds for children. The wide public beach is next, with gazebos and sun umbrellas for cover. A further stretch of sand near the town’s souk or market is located farther north. All of the places have been developed as recreational spaces. Sun umbrellas and gazebos, restrooms, baths, BBQ pits, and grassy spaces are among the amenities. Although the water is so shallow that swimming isn’t actually possible, the beach area is safe for kids to play in. Bring the kids here instead to play volleyball or soccer and investigate the fauna in the small waters.

Excellent facilities

The trip from Doha is worthwhile because of the excellent amenities, which include gazebos and umbrellas that offer welcome shade, children’s playgrounds that keep the small ones occupied, a volleyball court, a soccer field, bathrooms, and barbeque facilities. Play ball, fly a kite, or just stroll down the long, golden beach as it becomes softer and lighter as you go closer to the water. Children may safely play on the beach because of the shallow sea. They will love discovering plenty of seashells to throw in their bucket, spotting one or two crabs on the sand, and feeling little fish swim around their toes.

Best Eateries

The Souq Al Wakrah is a scenic souq by the beach that is immediately connected to the Al Wakrah beach, giving visitors a 3 km stretch of beachfront to meander through stores, cafés, and restaurants. Because it is located by the sea, it should come as no surprise that the seafood at the restaurants inside Souq Al Wakrah is fantastic, and you should not pass up the opportunity to order a plate of these delicacies. There are a number of moderately priced dine-in family eating establishments, and the most of them have their own outside terraces which are ideal for enjoying the colder nights. Don’t miss out on the cafés and eateries along the Wakra seashore, which feature fascinating design and delicious snacks and sweets on the menu.

Things to remember

Your Ehteraz will be validated by security at the entrance. Currently, barbecues are not allowed, but you are welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Don’t forget to dispose of your trash appropriately. Parking and bathrooms are both easily accessible.

Easy Route to reach

In addition to your own car and taxis, you can take public transportation from Doha to Al Wakrah through the Doha Metro Red Line South including ride-hailing services. Qatar Rail is now offering complimentary Metrolink buses to the Al Wakra South Area (M128 and M134). There are additional Karwa buses that may take you from Doha to Al Wakrah, such as routes 109 to Mesaieed; 119; and 129.

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